Thursday, September 18, 2008

Almost packed and ready to go!

This weekend I am headed to a women's camp with some ladies from my church. I am so looking forward to coming back spiritually and mentally refreshed!

The last time I attended this particular camp, I took my 5 mo old nursing baby....who is now 4!! Wow. Time goes so quickly.

The biggest bummer about going away this weekend is that I will be gone on my husband's and my 11th anniversary. He promised it was okay, so I decided to go. We really weren't going to have a big celebration anyway, but it still feels a little weird! Last year, for our tenth, we went away for a fun weekend....just the two of us. Ahhh, what a great time :)

This week I haven't had much time for creating but I did make these cards:
This one is based on Janelle's sketch #67 over at Sketch This. I just adore Janelle's sketches, don't you?!
And here is one I made for our friend who is having a princess Birthday party on Sunday afternoon :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!!



Marlou said...

more beautiful cards, :) have a great weekend :)

Mélanie Blackburn said...

Have a great weekend away!

I love your interpretation of Janelle's sketches. Your cards are always so beautiful!!! You are one of my fave card makers!

Christine (Craftling) said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you're enjoying your weekend, even if you can't be with your hubby.

Beatiful cards, Katie! Love both of them.

Chris xx

Glee said...

Beautiful cards! Enjoy your weekend away and Happy Anniversary!

Debbi said...

Have a great time. My daughter in law attend the Women of Faith seminars and comes home so fullfilled. Maybe it has something to do with leaving three boys with me (grandma). LOL

Pearl said...

I just love how you tie your bows ! oerfect ! all you cards are just adorable !

Have a good retreat 1

Michelle said...

Katie.... I didn't know you had this blog- and that you made cards THIS much!!! They are FABULOUS!

My mother-in-law lives in LaG and has a great little gift shop... she is always looking for nice 'artsy' stuff for her shop. Would you ever want to make cards for sale?

I am speaking for her, of course, but I know that she does carry a few different peoples cards- and honestly, I like yours better. :)

Let me know if you might want me to connect the two of you.